Discussing working in Mayfair, London.

Career opportunities in the UK are varied from region to region, with most well paid employment contracts being found in and around London. The types of Office based careers within London also vary from Borough to Borough, we aim at openly discussing the most popular areas.

If you are looking to develop your career in Law or Business in general, then we recommend looking at areas such as Mayfair, Canary Wharf, Hammersmith and the City Docklands, as these areas are highly populated with Business orientated organisations. A typical Secretarial position is the most popular lower level position, that nearly all of the top organisations are constantly recruiting in and around London. In addition basic level Administrative work is another highly sought after position, of which allows individuals to work there way up the career ladder with ease. Of course as with all administrative positions and vacancies, the basic salary is significantly less than other positions, however as detailed, this does make it easy to gain employment quicker.

Other types of employment such as a Resource and Administration Clerk can offer an annual salary of £26,000 onwards, which is above average for a London salary of this nature. The general role for this type of position is Coordinating and Managing resources for Finance Departments and other finance related departments for organisations. The work is very similar to a basic office clerk, however as the job is twinned with the resources element, this ensures a higher yield of salary. We found that there are several recruitment companies operating in and around Mayfair, one such resource is the Reed Employment Agency – A well known and respected company offering a dedicated Jobs In Mayfair section on there website.

We took a look at some other positions in and around Mayfair, the more desirable location in London, and found some fantastic opportunities. A Human Resource assistant position for a well known Corporate company Is being advertised at a £35,000 Annual Salary rate. This is quite a contrast in annual salary as the same position in Southampton for the same organisation is being advertised at £22,000 per annum. The real difference being the living and commuting costs in and around London, of which add some £12,000 to the salary for this factor alone. Generally large organisations have there head offices based in London, with the more reputable and well known brand names, all wanting to be based in Mayfair for the prestige factor alone. This is due to the Brand Name being more visible and respected by the higher classes of the population, who also live in and around Mayfair. We also recommend looking at the property types in and around Mayfair, as this can assist in locating organisations of interest, who you may wish to contact to enquire directly for vacancies. For this we recommend resources such as The Office Providers – Who offer concise and accurate property details for the area, especially the Offices In Mayfair resource, which is very comprehensive. The direct website address is: www.theofficeproviders.com

There are many other vacancy types for working in and around London and Mayfair such as:

Hotel Work – With one particular Hotel In Mayfair, that we highly recommend to anyone in the catering industry is http://www.claridges.co.uk

Marketing Executives

Construction Workers

Business Workers

Public Sector Workers

Educational Positions

Retail Executives and Managers

Information and Technology Positions

We also found over twenty other sectors, whereby vacancies existed for the Mayfair area, however we have listed the ones above, as they were by far the ones that are most popular. In addition other resources of interest for consideration, for potential professionals looking to start there career hunt are as follows:

1. Hays Recruitment – http://www.hays.co.uk

2. City Jobs – http://www.cityjobs.com

Updated – 5th May 2017