Top Windows Mobile Apps

The Windows Mobile Phone has fast become one of the hottest items available on the market today and is now used by millions of people across the world. Windows has the reputation of being one of the most advanced technological companies in the world today and has been responsible for hundreds of great innovations over the past three decades. With this in mind you will now find that there are thousands of brand new applications that are now available for this wonderful device so we have decided to look at some of the most popular apps available to you.

The first Windows Mobile App we will look at and by far the most popular among mobile device users is none other than the Facebook mobile app. This wonderful app allows users to access their Facebook accounts from wherever they are so they are now kept up to date with the goings on from their friends and family. The app allows you to make wall posts, upload pictures, upload videos and play games at your leisure and this app is now one of the most used of all in its class.

Another great and extremely useful app that is now available is the all new Google Maps Mobile App which basically allows users to search for and observe any map they wish and also offers the chance to not only do aerial view but also street view which can be very handy when you need to know exactly where you need to be. Another great feature of this app is the use of a GPS navigation system which will enable users to gain directions from one place to another at little inconvenience so you will never get lost again.

The next Windows Mobile App we thought was more than worth a mention is the DivX Mobile Player which provides users of the Windows Mobile with one of the best and reliable video player on the market. You can access a host of features with this app which will play a wide variety of video formats that we are sure will give you everything you could need for your home videos. Skyfire is the next app we think is simply superb and is one of the most useful we have found during our reviewing process. This wonderful app is an internet browser which is extremely high speed and easy to use and runs much smoother than any we have previously used on a mobile device.

Another unique and extremely interesting app for the Windows Mobile is the Google Mobile Translator which allows users to translate a huge variety of international languages at the click of a button. This app translator is extremely accurate in every way and allows you to translate a large amount of text in a single go and this can be very helpful when you are on holiday.

The final Windows Mobile App we just have to mention is Skype which has become one of the most sought after and used app we have come across in the industry. Skype allows its users to contact by telephone or message any friends or family they wish to at no cost whatsoever which can be a great benefit to those on pay as you go. The app allows you to store all your contacts within it for ease of call which can be done with just a simple click. You can also send text messages of considerable length as well as pictures and videos if you so wish. As you can see this application is extremely useful and can save you a huge amount of call costs if used correctly.