The Kindle Tablet Technology Review

In this day of modern technological marvels we have seen many new innovations come into existence over the past few years with many of them making huge amounts of profits due to their great features which users wish to take advantage of. One of the hottest of these new technologies right now is The Kindle Tablet which has been created by the team at Amazon. The device was first created for a single purpose which was for book readers to use the device to view as many e-books as they wished whilst on the move. Now though this device has evolved considerably during this time and now offers many all new features that have put it in position to compete against its closets rival the Ipad.

The device itself offers the user the chance to connect to the internet via a 3G or Wi-Fi connection so users can view web pages and videos from their device. The device also incorporates a touch screen for ease of use which is made from only the highest quality parts which makes it one of the most powerful and beneficial of any other in this category. The tablet is very lightweight and easy to transport and can be used within a couple of minutes once the user wishes to when it is packed away. The device has many features which are seen as extremely beneficial none more so as the device being wholly controlled by the touch screen which eliminates the need for a mouse or keyboard. This feature allows users to be completely independent when on the move and able to do their work or leisure activities in areas such as trains, planes, buses or anywhere else they wish. The better models such as the Kindle Touch also offer much increased memory capability which is 4Gb so users can store a huge amount of books or videos on their device. This memory can be increased by the adding of a larger SD card if the user requires more space for their files. If you would like to browse through other apps for this device please take a look at the Official Amazon App Developer page on Google Play.

Another extremely beneficial point that this device has is the processing capabilities as it can handle many multiple tasks with ease which can be very beneficial if you wish to run multiple programs for your work. There are also many screen options for the user to choose from such as increasing the screen resolution as well as bit rate and colours which can be incredibly useful for those of you who watch a lot of videos or do a large amount of picture editing. There is also the facility to use a full copy of the Oxford English Dictionary on the device as well as the option to use a wide variety of additional applications. The Kindle is by far one of the most innovative devices we have seen released in the past few years and after great amounts of reviewing time we have come to the conclusion that this device is by far the best of its kind currently on offer. The fact that it can be transported anywhere with ease and that it is much more lightweight than the Ipad makes this device the most practical on the market. If you would like to browse one of the leading providers of games for The Kindle Tablet and other mobile devices, we highly recommend the Google Play Store, which is packed with thousands of Apps.

We award this device a rating of 10/10 as it has been perfect in every way during the reviewing process and we have no other option but to give this device our full recommendation and endorsement.