Exploring Office Rental Reviews.

In todays business world, locating the correct location is one of the main ingredients for large and medium sized businesses, with this in mind we have decided to Review the types of Office Rentals that are available.

For many years, large corporate organizations have flocked to City locations for there business locations, with places such as London, Birmingham, New York being some of the most popular preferred destinations for corporate Head Quarters. The options available for companies vary, from Serviced Offices, Managed Offices and Leased Office premises. The contractual obligations do vary, with some that are based on a short term agreement, however most appear to be on a yearly based contract, with discounts for two, three and four year rental and lease agreements.

Most of the types of Office Rental Agreements can be created and ended by mutual agreement, as well as via a court order, if there are contentious issues and or difficulties. The actual length of notice required for ending an office rental agreement can vary, dependent on the contractual agreement. Commercial lease agreements detail the rights and permissions of both the Business and also the provider of the premises, reviewing the small print in these agreements is crucial in ensuring businesses are aware of all of the terms and conditions that apply to them and there organization. There are thousands of examples of businesses being evicted by the office provider, when the terms and or the conditions have been broken or in some cases the notice period was set to several weeks. Moving location within this type of minimal notice period can cause businesses an array of problems, especially  when they have to continue to operate there business and or services, whilst attempting to keep there service levels for there clients.

An oral agreement for Office Rentals is not recommended for any type of business, we highly recommend any one looking to rent an office, prepare a well written rental agreement, to avoid any possible problems. Most Office Lease agreements due have provisions for renewing the lease at the end of the agreed term, this type of contractual clause is very useful for businesses, and we recommend this is always included in the agreement before signing.

Adding a break clause to the Office Rental Agreement is another great way to cover your businesses ever changing needs, a term of 2-3 months would be adequate and allow you to exit the agreement within the allocated time period specified.

We have added a map below of the main offices based in the United Kingdom, highlighting the popular locations.

Offices In The UK

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