One of the new devices that has been getting developed for several years, with little success in the consumer market is the Electronic Mobile Watch. It is little surprise that the Pioneering developers at Apple have taken on the challenge to make the device more compatible and more appealing to consumers. The Apple Watch is due for launch in the UK on the 24th April 2015, and we believe will sell out within the first few weeks of launch.  With more and more people using Social Media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google + to name but a few, the “Need” appears to be higher by consumers then ever before. With a device such as a Watch, that can alert users with far more ease for the end user, is by far the next step in “Speeding” up our Internet and Communication skills as well as “Responses”. Apple will obviously lead the way with this watch, if not on the merit of the Design, then purely on merit of its consumer reach through its existing channels of communications. There are already some interesting watches with similar capabilities for end users such as the stunning Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch as well as the LG Mobile Watch, both of which look great.

Some Interesting Facts regarding the Apple Watch

  1. One of the Watch designs is made of Gold, not just any Gold, Apple decided to Strengthen the 18 carat gold to Twice the strength of traditional 18 carat gold.
  2. Apple have made a special edition watch available, that costs a staggering £12,000 and is made with 18 Carat Yellow Gold, with a Midnight Blue traditional strap. This limited edition also offers the choice of Apple Care Support for an additional £1500.  This watch will most definitely be desired by the Rich and Famous as well as your typical IT Guru who loves anything Apple as well as anything unique.
  3. Apple are also providing a Magnetic Watch Recharging device, to assist with the typical 18 hour lifetime of this device, this comes free with the Special Edition watch, whilst the typical watch is supplied with a USB Cable.
  4. All of the Watches are equipped with Wi Fi – Version 802.11b as well as g, n and 2.4ghz.

Whilst you are able to Pre Order now, Apple have set an estimated delivery date of June 2015, so be aware of this if you are expecting a quick delivery. All facts and figures stated here, were accurate as of 15th April 2015, please be aware these details may adjust as per Apple’s wishes.

  1. Apple have created a useful Apple Watch Tour Guide, that we recommend our readers review at there leisure.

The Sony Smart Watch is another watch that our team were mesmerised by, purely down to its ease of use, as well as the price ticket of a mere £99. The watch has similar features, as well as a wide range of compatible applications. Sony have recommend select Sony Phone’s such as the Experian, that the watch will work well with, however the watch is pretty generic to the best of our knowledge, especially with Twitter, Email etc.

The team have been looking into the various mobile games that are available to play for free, and were surprised that there were not many at all. We decided to use a Phone Casino in the UK that was regulated and provided by an established brand, the aim was to review the playability of the games on an array of mobile devices.

Apple Iphone 5 – This was compatible and very easy to play all of the available games.

Apple Iphone 6 – Almost an identical experience as the aforementioned device, with of course the larger screen.

Apple Ipad 3 Mini – A lot easier to view the games, as well as enhanced swipe area to utilise.

Apple Ipad 4 – Pretty much the same as the Ipad 3.

Apple Mac Pro – Very quick, very easy to signup and by far the best sounds and playability.

We used the Apple devices as these are at present the most widely used devices by our team, in addition we also reviewed the EA Sports Mobile Games website, to test some of the graphic capabilities of the devices within this editorial.