In the modern day virtually everyone in the world today owns a mobile phone or device and uses them in some capacity or another in the every day running of their lives. One issue that we all must be careful of now that these devices are so common is the Mobile Phone Security that protects our devices from malicious programs and viruses as these are now becoming an everyday part of our lives.

As more and more trouble makers create malware such as this it is imperative that we protect ourselves from infection by ensuring we all have adequate protection for our devices. There are many software programs on offer to us that provide this protection so we have decided to review and then list for you some of the very best software packages available to you for this task.

Just how secure are mobile apps? – Take a look at this useful video from IBM.

The first one we would like to mention is the ever popular Kaspersky Mobile Security Package which offers one of the most comprehensive protection software we have seen to date. The package provides everything you could possibly need to ensure that you mobile device can run freely without any problems such as viruses or malware. The application offers you facilities such as a complete virus and spyware scan as well as giving you the facility to block dangerous phishing websites.

You can also filter unwanted calls and texts and also hide all your contacts from prying eyes. Another great feature of this program is that in the event that you lose your phone you will be able to lock it down from wherever you are by using the software’s unique lock and track service. This enables you to lock the phone so nobody can use it without your pass code and also pin points your device on a map so you can easy track exactly where it is at any time.

Another great mobile security app is the all new ESET Mobile Security Package which has received many brilliant reviews from its customers ever since it was first released. The app again provides comprehensive protection against virus and spyware based threats and also enables you to scan your phone at your leisure for any infections you may have had. The app also gives you the facility to block spam from your mailbox and also phishing websites and locations where you believe there to be a security threat. The software also has a very innovative firewall included with the package which again offers you much improved protection over similar packages available to you. The package also included the track and trace feature as well as the ability to lock down your phone if it is lost or stolen which is extremely useful if you tend to lose things.

Take a look at the McAfee mobile security solution video here:

The final Mobile Phone Security app we just had to include on our list due to its brilliant features is the Bull Guard Mobile Security 10 Package which is now seen as the very best mobile security app on the market today. The app gives you everything you would expect from a leading security software provider such as built in virus scan and protection as well as one of the best firewalls on the market today for mobile devices. You can also access your phone from a remote location so that in the unlikely event that you lose your device you will be able to lock all your files as well as trace the phones location using a home PC or laptop.