Astronomy Apps reviewed

Astronomy has always been one of the most popular pass times for many people as space seems to intrigue as all as the unknown fascinates many of us so we knew it would not be long before we saw an influx of this type of app land on mobile devices.

There are now countless amounts of these apps available to users from a wide variety of sources so our dedicated team  have been working around the clock reviewing as many of these apps as we possibly could. After many weeks of reviewing we can now list below for your enjoyment what we feel are the very best Astronomy Apps on offer to you today so hopefully you can try them out and enjoy them as much as we have.

The first app on our list is by far the best we have seen and is the Starwlak Astronomy App as it is absolutely amazing from start to finish. The app provides one of the best 3D coverage’s of space we have ever seen and is extremely high detailed and accurate as it uses many different databases and resources to provide you with all you could possibly need for your stargazing activities. The app includes full coverage of all the celestial bodies as well as moon phases, sun rises and sun sets as well as much more. You will also be able to browse the stars from many different perspectives of different global locations so you can always see the big picture where required.

You will also find the app includes a night view mode, time machine and also access to the very popular Wiki knowledge base facility. The app is very easy to use and is laid out in one of the most simplistic manners we have see in an app of this type and this is why we feel it is completely revolutionary to say the least and earns our highest rating possible.

The next astronomy app we found to be remarkable is the Orbtrack App which again offers its users one of the very best array of features of any in its class. The app details each and every constellation known to man and offers unique insights and facts about each of them which are highly detailed and very informative. You will find that it also uses your mobile devices built in Gyroscope so you can search for planets and moons all over our galaxy by name which eliminates the need to search the stars for the item you are looking for. This app is very useful for those studying astronomy as you can use the built in wifi feature to access any data within the app from wherever you are which can be very beneficial for those of you who are always on the move.

We found the app to be very easy to use also even for the novice as its console is very well coordinated and easy to follow which is why we rate it so highly.

Learn more about Astronomy with the following Crash Course below:

The final astronomy app to make our list but by no means least is the all new Google Sky Map App which again offers one of the most comprehensive coverage’s of the solar system you are ever likely to see in a mobile app. Using the unparalleled power of the Google Earth system you can now view many different constellations and planets by simply installing the app which you will find on the link below. You will then be able to look at a wide variety of space activity wherever you are by using your 3G connection.

This free app literally has everything you could possibly want from a mobile app and after many hours of use we just had to give it a perfect rating because it is so good and we love it. The graphical content of the app is by far some of the best we have seen and is extremely high detailed throughout with brilliant colour schemes and detail.