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Solar Panel Review

Solar Panel Review

One of the most interesting and up and coming markets in the United Kingdom is the home solar panel market as it has seen a huge rise in popularity over the past two years. This extremely beneficial new technology is now incorporated into thousands of homes across the country and has a great ecological benefit over previous forms of electricity supply. In this article we have decided to have a brief look at what this new technology entails and also offers you in return for the initial outlay. Solar panel systems use the suns energy to power up photovoltaic cells which in turn provide the owner with a free source of electricity.

Some of the benefits of having these panels installed are you will dramatically decrease your electricity bills without having to cut down on your consumption which can save you hundreds of pounds each year. Another advantage is that if you ever have any surplus energy you can then negotiate a deal to sell this surplus power back to the national grid which again provides you with another return on your initial outlay. Please see below for more knowledge surrounding the latest Solar News.


One of the most beneficial points of having these complex systems installed is that it will cut your households carbon footprint down considerably in as much as thirty tonnes worth of carbon footprint per lifetime. On average for those who have these panels fitted the owner will be able to resell around eight hundred pounds worth of electricity back to the grid each year which can cover the cost of having these systems installed within a few years. The cost of these systems can vary depending on supplier but on average in the United Kingdom the cost of having a system installed is around the ten thousand pound mark in most areas. The Guardian News paper has a selection of informative resources for the latest Environment News in the UK.

The cost will mostly depend on the type of system that you wish to install as the up scale ones offer a much higher electricity production rate whereas the lower end do not offer as much in this way. The middle scale solar panel systems will produce close to the 3kWp area where as the larger systems can generate anything between the 4kWp and 5kWp area. There are also dual systems which are available which offer not only the function of collecting energy for electricity but also where they can be used for all the households water based heating and power. The system will be installed with an element in the boiler which will power your hot water, showers and heating with no need for gas to be installed which can be very beneficial as this again saves you a huge amount each year. Additional resources of interest can be found on the UK Governments Environment and Greener Living website. For Australian Solar resources, we recommend a visit to the Australian Climate Change resources, in particular the Solar Schools program that has been flagged as a highly effective mechanism to encourage solar technology.

The panels themselves can be installed wherever you wish them to be but in general you will find that they are installed on the top of your homes roof. This offers the best collection point for the panels which will not only collect energy on sunny days but also if the sky is overcast as the suns rays still penetrate easily. All in all this new technology is not only beneficial to the owners pocket and household costs but also extremely beneficial to the climate as the more energy we can generate through this process and in some cases sell back then the less the national grid will need to use our natural resources to provide us with power.

Additional Resources – The Website for National Renewable Energy Laboratory – http://www.nrel.gov/

Mobile Phone Technology

Discussing the Latest Mobile Phone Technology

When it comes to mobile phones that can be used for gaming there are now hundreds of models on the market which will do this just fine for you. Unfortunately not all of these are as good as the next with some having greater processing power and some having greater graphics. With this in mind we thought it would be highly advantageous to you if we reviewed and listed what we feel are some of the best mobile games phones on the market today so you can choose the right model for your needs. This Mobile Phone Technology review has been completed via the use of playing the latest mobile phone games, as this method ensures the Graphics, Controls and Sounds can be pushed to the limits, as games generally do use a large amount of resources in this area.

The first phone we will talk about and arguably the very best of them all is the IPhone from industry leaders Apple as it offers the user each and every aspect they would need to play mobile games in the best way possible. One of the key benefits of this phone for gaming is that it offers a greater processing power than any other phone in its class and runs games smoothly and seamlessly throughout no matter what the genre. The screen that is incorporated into the phone is also one of the best of any mobile device and easily keeps up with the overall movement of the games. The graphics module is also very good and we are yet to come across any game that the IPhone struggles with as it does its job perfectly each and every time. Another great advantage of this phone is it has a built in accelerometer which allows users to control game such as driving and flying games by tilting their phone to move left or right which no other phone currently does. The IPhone overall is far superior to any other mobile gaming phone on the market today and due to this it is now by far the number one choice of these gamers.

The Official Website for the Apple Iphone is: http://www.apple.com/iphone/

The second best gaming phone we found was the innovative and extremely high quality Blackberry Storm which delivered results not too far away from the results of the IPhone. The Storm is an exceptional mobile phone which has no trouble playing a host of games which are available for it with ease and precision.

The touch screen technology which is incorporated into this phone is simply fantastic and provides the gamer with the facility to use a large amount of controls without the need to be trying to press various physical buttons on the phone. When it comes to graphics also the Storm delivers some of the best with an ultra sharp screen which shows a high amount of detail and also a very quick refresh rate which is also extremely beneficial. The Storm also has an accelerometer which can be sued to control games by tilting the phone from side to side but we found this was not anywhere near up to the scratch of the IPhone as it has a tendency to freeze now and again but apart from that the phone is simply awesome all round. The Official Website for Blackberry is: http://us.blackberry.com/

The final best gaming phone on our list is the Palm Pre phone which offers the user not only the facility of using the touch screen but also if they prefer the chance to jump back to key controls. The phone has a bit of a smaller screen than the previous two phones I have mentioned but it is still great in quality and detail and does every game that we played on it justice. The games we found were also very smooth running indeed and far better than many other models we tried during our review process. We did find that the games for this phone were slightly high priced in comparison to other providers by nearly thirty percent but the games themselves are very good so for many this will not be a problem. We hope this article has provided you with a great insight into what phones are the best for mobile gaming and that you have the chance to enjoy them to.

Additional Resources of Interest

1. Safetey when Driving and using your mobile phone can be found on the Governments Mobile Phone Usage Guidance notes.

2. EA Sports – Mobile Games Resource

The Kindle Tablet

The Kindle Tablet Technology Review

In this day of modern technological marvels we have seen many new innovations come into existence over the past few years with many of them making huge amounts of profits due to their great features which users wish to take advantage of. One of the hottest of these new technologies right now is The Kindle Tablet which has been created by the team at Amazon. The device was first created for a single purpose which was for book readers to use the device to view as many e-books as they wished whilst on the move. Now though this device has evolved considerably during this time and now offers many all new features that have put it in position to compete against its closets rival the Ipad.

The device itself offers the user the chance to connect to the internet via a 3G or Wi-Fi connection so users can view web pages and videos from their device. The device also incorporates a touch screen for ease of use which is made from only the highest quality parts which makes it one of the most powerful and beneficial of any other in this category. The tablet is very lightweight and easy to transport and can be used within a couple of minutes once the user wishes to when it is packed away. The device has many features which are seen as extremely beneficial none more so as the device being wholly controlled by the touch screen which eliminates the need for a mouse or keyboard. This feature allows users to be completely independent when on the move and able to do their work or leisure activities in areas such as trains, planes, buses or anywhere else they wish. The better models such as the Kindle Touch also offer much increased memory capability which is 4Gb so users can store a huge amount of books or videos on their device. This memory can be increased by the adding of a larger SD card if the user requires more space for their files. If you would like to browse through other apps for this device please take a look at the Official Amazon App Developer page on Google Play.

Another extremely beneficial point that this device has is the processing capabilities as it can handle many multiple tasks with ease which can be very beneficial if you wish to run multiple programs for your work. There are also many screen options for the user to choose from such as increasing the screen resolution as well as bit rate and colours which can be incredibly useful for those of you who watch a lot of videos or do a large amount of picture editing. There is also the facility to use a full copy of the Oxford English Dictionary on the device as well as the option to use a wide variety of additional applications. The Kindle is by far one of the most innovative devices we have seen released in the past few years and after great amounts of reviewing time we have come to the conclusion that this device is by far the best of its kind currently on offer. The fact that it can be transported anywhere with ease and that it is much more lightweight than the Ipad makes this device the most practical on the market. If you would like to browse one of the leading providers of games for The Kindle Tablet and other mobile devices, we highly recommend the Google Play Store, which is packed with thousands of Apps.

We award this device a rating of 10/10 as it has been perfect in every way during the reviewing process and we have no other option but to give this device our full recommendation and endorsement.

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