Exploring and Reviewing Online Games

We have noticed that the online gaming industry has been increasing in popularity over the past few years, with the development of mobile and console based gaming devices. This trend is set to increase more, due to the arrival of the Playstation 4 later this month, as well as Nokia being taken over by Microsoft. The game genres are set to diverse also, in line with the New devices that are being launched, along with the increase in Internet Access through 3G and 4G devices.

Reviewing the types on online games is a very comprehensive task, especially as there is a broad spectrum of games available all over the world. The team at Experience Wave have decided to review under the constraint of devices, game types and popularity within the online gaming community.

Playstation Games

The team opted to review the Playstation console based games, as over 30 of the Experience Wave team currently use this console, compared to the other 3 team members who use both the Xbox and the Nintendo consoles. We have added the official websites for the UK Playstation Website and the Belgium Playstation Website as these cover the International languages of our team. More images can be found on our Pinterest page here.

Firstly the all new Playstation 4 Console has to be our main topic relating to our Review, as this is set to be one of the top selling and most used consoles over the next year. The main element we noticed is the pure speed and efficiency of this new console device, this is probably the main Unique Selling point for the console. The price is very reasonable, especially as this console is equipped to replace your computer and other Internet driven devices, as it has all of the power and internet capability required for end users who use the World Wide Web.

The added bonus to owning the all new PS4 is the latest Dual Shock 4 game controller, sporting a new controller button called “Share” as well as a new controller light, that is shaped like a bar.

The official Launch date for the PS4 is 29th November 2012.


We have noticed that consumers are able to use older games on the PS4 console, according to our sources at Sony Playstation, although we do expect some games to have issues, such as Ps2 and older games. In addition some PS3 games that are not as well known, and likely not to have been tested, are likely to have compatibility issues.

More News and up to date information can be located on the Official Twitter Account for Playstation

Internet Browser Games

We have decided to look at UK and International based casino game providers, of which has been limited to an established brand, who actually make the physical games also. The chosen Casino Operator is London and Belgium based, namely the  UK Jackpot Party Casino Website and the Belgium Jackpot Party Casino Website. These two offer very similar slot games as well as other interactive games, that have wowed our team of game reviewers over the past 5 days.

We have created a score system below to assist our readers in relation to our Review Findings.

Game Play via Internet Explorer – 10 out of 10

Game Play via Firefox – 10 out of 10

General Graphics – 10 out of 10

Game Sounds – 8 out of 10

User Friendliness – 9 out of 10

Special Offers and Promotions – 10 out of 10

The team found the website very easy to navigate to the preferred game type, with a clear and concise menu system throughout the gaming experience. The graphics within the slot games, were very impressive, along with the game play elements that really gained our attention. It is very clear that WMS have invested a large amount of technical resources, when developing these games, so much so it appears that the same branded games are now being used by a large proportion of other European based game providers. The real Unique Selling point that we found was the impressive customer support, along with the new customer sign up bonuses, we believe this alone separates Jackpot Party from a lot of other game providers.

The other element that impressed our team, was the Progressive winning system they have deployed to most of the games, this ensures a level playing field for all game types and of course all of the end users.


More details can be found on the Official Google + Page for Jackpot Party

Mobile Device Games

When reviewing the mobile games that are available for mobile phone and tablet users, we opted to review Google Play, as they host an array of mobile game types, that are certified in our opinion by Google themselves. We have found thousands of games within the Official Google Play Website therefore we have limited this review to the main elements of Google Play.

The Unique Selling point for using Google Play is that some of the mobile games are free of charge, with others set at prices such as £1.59 on average. This opens up a much cheaper way of playing your favourite games on your mobile phone, Ipad, Iphone and many other mobile devices. The team have invested in over 40 hours of combined research, from a selection of 100 mobile games that are listed on Google Play, we have compiled a summary of our Top 5 games played.

The Top Games of 2013 for mobile users are as follows:

1. Angry Birds

2. Trial Xtreme 3 – Android Game

3. Monopoly Bingo

4. Judge Dredd – Countdown.

5. GT Racing 2


There are a few newer additions to the Google Play website, such as Stunt Mania 3D and Escape The Titanic, both of these games are free of charge to use and were amongst several other games that were just outside our top five games listed above. If you would like to see more of the games on Google Play, please visit there official website listed above or the Official Google + Page for Google Play