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Mobile Astronomy App Review

Astronomy Apps reviewed

Astronomy has always been one of the most popular pass times for many people as space seems to intrigue as all as the unknown fascinates many of us so we knew it would not be long before we saw an influx of this type of app land on mobile devices.

There are now countless amounts of these apps available to users from a wide variety of sources so our dedicated team  have been working around the clock reviewing as many of these apps as we possibly could. After many weeks of reviewing we can now list below for your enjoyment what we feel are the very best Astronomy Apps on offer to you today so hopefully you can try them out and enjoy them as much as we have.

The first app on our list is by far the best we have seen and is the Starwlak Astronomy App as it is absolutely amazing from start to finish. The app provides one of the best 3D coverage’s of space we have ever seen and is extremely high detailed and accurate as it uses many different databases and resources to provide you with all you could possibly need for your stargazing activities. The app includes full coverage of all the celestial bodies as well as moon phases, sun rises and sun sets as well as much more. You will also be able to browse the stars from many different perspectives of different global locations so you can always see the big picture where required.

You will also find the app includes a night view mode, time machine and also access to the very popular Wiki knowledge base facility. The app is very easy to use and is laid out in one of the most simplistic manners we have see in an app of this type and this is why we feel it is completely revolutionary to say the least and earns our highest rating possible.

The next astronomy app we found to be remarkable is the Orbtrack App which again offers its users one of the very best array of features of any in its class. The app details each and every constellation known to man and offers unique insights and facts about each of them which are highly detailed and very informative. You will find that it also uses your mobile devices built in Gyroscope so you can search for planets and moons all over our galaxy by name which eliminates the need to search the stars for the item you are looking for. This app is very useful for those studying astronomy as you can use the built in wifi feature to access any data within the app from wherever you are which can be very beneficial for those of you who are always on the move.

We found the app to be very easy to use also even for the novice as its console is very well coordinated and easy to follow which is why we rate it so highly.

Learn more about Astronomy with the following Crash Course below:

The final astronomy app to make our list but by no means least is the all new Google Sky Map App which again offers one of the most comprehensive coverage’s of the solar system you are ever likely to see in a mobile app. Using the unparalleled power of the Google Earth system you can now view many different constellations and planets by simply installing the app which you will find on the link below. You will then be able to look at a wide variety of space activity wherever you are by using your 3G connection.

This free app literally has everything you could possibly want from a mobile app and after many hours of use we just had to give it a perfect rating because it is so good and we love it. The graphical content of the app is by far some of the best we have seen and is extremely high detailed throughout with brilliant colour schemes and detail.

Mobile Watch Review

One of the new devices that has been getting developed for several years, with little success in the consumer market is the Electronic Mobile Watch. It is little surprise that the Pioneering developers at Apple have taken on the challenge to make the device more compatible and more appealing to consumers. The Apple Watch is due for launch in the UK on the 24th April 2015, and we believe will sell out within the first few weeks of launch.  With more and more people using Social Media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google + to name but a few, the “Need” appears to be higher by consumers then ever before. With a device such as a Watch, that can alert users with far more ease for the end user, is by far the next step in “Speeding” up our Internet and Communication skills as well as “Responses”. Apple will obviously lead the way with this watch, if not on the merit of the Design, then purely on merit of its consumer reach through its existing channels of communications. There are already some interesting watches with similar capabilities for end users such as the stunning Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch as well as the LG Mobile Watch, both of which look great.

Some Interesting Facts regarding the Apple Watch

  1. One of the Watch designs is made of Gold, not just any Gold, Apple decided to Strengthen the 18 carat gold to Twice the strength of traditional 18 carat gold.
  2. Apple have made a special edition watch available, that costs a staggering £12,000 and is made with 18 Carat Yellow Gold, with a Midnight Blue traditional strap. This limited edition also offers the choice of Apple Care Support for an additional £1500.  This watch will most definitely be desired by the Rich and Famous as well as your typical IT Guru who loves anything Apple as well as anything unique.
  3. Apple are also providing a Magnetic Watch Recharging device, to assist with the typical 18 hour lifetime of this device, this comes free with the Special Edition watch, whilst the typical watch is supplied with a USB Cable.
  4. All of the Watches are equipped with Wi Fi – Version 802.11b as well as g, n and 2.4ghz.

Whilst you are able to Pre Order now, Apple have set an estimated delivery date of June 2015, so be aware of this if you are expecting a quick delivery. All facts and figures stated here, were accurate as of 15th April 2015, please be aware these details may adjust as per Apple’s wishes.

  1. Apple have created a useful Apple Watch Tour Guide, that we recommend our readers review at there leisure.

The Sony Smart Watch is another watch that our team were mesmerised by, purely down to its ease of use, as well as the price ticket of a mere £99. The watch has similar features, as well as a wide range of compatible applications. Sony have recommend select Sony Phone’s such as the Experian, that the watch will work well with, however the watch is pretty generic to the best of our knowledge, especially with Twitter, Email etc.

The team have been looking into the various mobile games that are available to play for free, and were surprised that there were not many at all. We decided to use a Phone Casino in the UK that was regulated and provided by an established brand, the aim was to review the playability of the games on an array of mobile devices.

Apple Iphone 5 – This was compatible and very easy to play all of the available games.

Apple Iphone 6 – Almost an identical experience as the aforementioned device, with of course the larger screen.

Apple Ipad 3 Mini – A lot easier to view the games, as well as enhanced swipe area to utilise.

Apple Ipad 4 – Pretty much the same as the Ipad 3.

Apple Mac Pro – Very quick, very easy to signup and by far the best sounds and playability.

We used the Apple devices as these are at present the most widely used devices by our team, in addition we also reviewed the EA Sports Mobile Games website, to test some of the graphic capabilities of the devices within this editorial.

Mobile Games Evolution

The Mobile Games Evolution within the past decade has been considerable.

We have decided to take  a more in-depth and advanced look at the types of changes within this sector, for both research purposes as well as from a consumer perspective.

If you are a novice within the mobile phone and mobile games sector, we recommend our readers read up on the basic facts, please review the BBC Bite Size Mobile Resources for a simple understanding of mobile applications in general. If you are feeling confident already, then why not take up a master class with the Google Mobile Systems Research Website, this offers a fantastic insight within the mobile technology field.


Mobile Technology Changes

The Sales outlook for Electronic Arts was reduced in January 2014, due to the reduction in consumer demand relating to older game titles. The knock on effect of continuing aggressivley within this sector, would eat away at the profits from the games and mobile related products of the more popular games.

Some of the success stories for EA within the mobile digital arena, come from games such as Madden NFL, The Simpsons as well as other Marvel branded titles. The additional games, that are probably better known globally are FIFA and Battlefield, these all contributed in ensuring the success of the outlook for 2014 -2015. Other developments that we Tip for success in the next 12 Month period for EA Sports, would be the Star Wars related game developments. Although this is just a rumor, we understand that EA have been in talks with Walt Disney, who control the license.

New Mobile Games Developments:

There have been various new comers to the mobile games market, one In particular is Nektan, a well known and established game developer.  They have developed a mobile games casino, that is only accessible to smartphone and tablet users, more details can be located on .

Creating a website that is only for mobile users and players, is a new concept within the mobile casino Industry, and one which we tip to be a success for 2014 and beyond. The selection of games is quite comprehensive and is set to expand, as Nektan have there own internal mobile game developers, who appear to be creating an array of mobile friendly games.

It is no secret within the Games Industry that Sales on the traditional console games has dropped, due to the development of tablet devices as well as the new generation of smartphones. There have been reports in 2014 that some of the leading game developers have seen some games struggle to sell within the mobile market place, more details can be found on The Guardian Mobile Games News website, and relates to the EA Sports Mobile Vs the EA Sports Console Games.


In short Mobile devices are becoming more socially acceptable now than they ever have been, especially with the older generations, who simply have to stay tuned in to these communication tools. I guess terms such as “Conflict Of Change” will become a thing of the past within the mobile device market place, and will more than likely Evolve to “Embracing Change”. The mobile games market will undoubtedly evolve to the needs of the consumer as well as the demands of the large corporations that build them. We expect these types of devices, as well as the games and apps, to get Faster, Quicker and Cheaper, lets just hope that the research and development teams keep up with this new technology evolution.

Additional resources such as Google Scholar and the resources that define the Internet Services via Mobile Technology from a scientific point of view are also highly recommended.

Mobile Gaming Reviews

Reviewing Mobile Gaming in 2013

Many people are still unaware of how mobile gaming works and how they can begin to enjoy this wonderful new facility that is on offer.

With this in mind we have decided to help you understand the way the industry works and the ways you can get the most out of these innovative concepts. Mobile Gaming has fast become one of the worlds most enjoyable pass times as it is both convenient and also very easy to do with a basic understanding of how things work. These services are now on offer due to the huge amount of work that has gone into making the devices that offer this service from the development companies. The facility of mobile gaming is not much different to online gaming where gamers will create a gaming account, deposit funds and then of course they can begin to play the wide array of games that are on offer to them.

All gamers will require to participate in this wonderful choice of games is any of the huge amounts of mobile smart phones or tablets and once they are in possession of one of these they can begin. Gamers will then proceed to visit the casino webpage via their browser or if applicable download the free app that the casino of their choice offers. There is a slight difference between browsers or website based mobile casino play and using any of the apps that are available and this difference is of course dependent on the type of internet connection and screen resolution they possess. Since the 3rd April 1973, when the first mobile phone was created, the mobile phone industry has boomed beyond expectation throughout the world, therefore it is no surprise that the Gaming Industry have embraced this technology In recent years. For more information on the birthday of the mobile phone, please take a look on the Official BBC website resource for the Mobile Phone Birthday, we found this a very interesting and informative read.

Gamers may find it quite difficult if they have a small screen on their mobile device as there is such a huge amount of data that needs to be shown on it. This can cause screen freezes, slow load rates or in the worst case a total crash of the browser. For this reason it is always advisable for the gamer where possible to download the free apps that are on offer as these are created just for this type of device and you will of course find them much more reliable and quicker. We reviewed a few Internet Browsers for playing games on a mobile device, the main one used was Firefox, of which can be located on the Google Play Firefox browser website.

Using these devices for your mobile gaming is very beneficial to all as you now are not limited to the places you can play these games like has always been the case before. Gamers can now play where they choose be it on a train, at the pub or anywhere where they are able to find a wireless internet connection. Of course these games are also available to play via the phones built in internet connection but in general these are not as smooth running as a steady internet connection and can be found to lose connectivity quite often at this present time. You will find that the type of software used for these applications will depend on the device you are using as each operating system of the devices is considerably different. If you are using an IPhone for your gaming, the software would be very different to the software used for Blackberry and so on. As there are still many wrinkles to iron out you may ask yourself why anyone should bother to gamble using these devices. The main answer to this is that you will be able to access these games from anywhere which is always a great advantage especially if you are inclined to be away from home for long periods of time.

Another great reason is that this type of gaming has some of the best security precautions to be found with the industry and you are much less likely to contract a computer virus on a mobile phone and any cases of this actually happening are very rare indeed. Mobile gambling is now one of the fastest growing markets in the world today and with this comes many great benefits to the consumer. As there are more and more companies attempting to break into the market you will find that there are now more offers such as bonuses and free plays than ever before so this is the best for the consumer in the long term. We recommend using a reliable Antivirus package for your mobile phone device, one such provider is AVG who offer a free package for the Android, this can be downloaded on the AVG Mobile Protection website resource.

Windows Mobile Apps

Top Windows Mobile Apps

The Windows Mobile Phone has fast become one of the hottest items available on the market today and is now used by millions of people across the world. Windows has the reputation of being one of the most advanced technological companies in the world today and has been responsible for hundreds of great innovations over the past three decades. With this in mind you will now find that there are thousands of brand new applications that are now available for this wonderful device so we have decided to look at some of the most popular apps available to you.

The first Windows Mobile App we will look at and by far the most popular among mobile device users is none other than the Facebook mobile app. This wonderful app allows users to access their Facebook accounts from wherever they are so they are now kept up to date with the goings on from their friends and family. The app allows you to make wall posts, upload pictures, upload videos and play games at your leisure and this app is now one of the most used of all in its class.

Another great and extremely useful app that is now available is the all new Google Maps Mobile App which basically allows users to search for and observe any map they wish and also offers the chance to not only do aerial view but also street view which can be very handy when you need to know exactly where you need to be. Another great feature of this app is the use of a GPS navigation system which will enable users to gain directions from one place to another at little inconvenience so you will never get lost again.

The next Windows Mobile App we thought was more than worth a mention is the DivX Mobile Player which provides users of the Windows Mobile with one of the best and reliable video player on the market. You can access a host of features with this app which will play a wide variety of video formats that we are sure will give you everything you could need for your home videos. Skyfire is the next app we think is simply superb and is one of the most useful we have found during our reviewing process. This wonderful app is an internet browser which is extremely high speed and easy to use and runs much smoother than any we have previously used on a mobile device.

Another unique and extremely interesting app for the Windows Mobile is the Google Mobile Translator which allows users to translate a huge variety of international languages at the click of a button. This app translator is extremely accurate in every way and allows you to translate a large amount of text in a single go and this can be very helpful when you are on holiday.

The final Windows Mobile App we just have to mention is Skype which has become one of the most sought after and used app we have come across in the industry. Skype allows its users to contact by telephone or message any friends or family they wish to at no cost whatsoever which can be a great benefit to those on pay as you go. The app allows you to store all your contacts within it for ease of call which can be done with just a simple click. You can also send text messages of considerable length as well as pictures and videos if you so wish. As you can see this application is extremely useful and can save you a huge amount of call costs if used correctly.

Iphone Holiday Apps

Iphone Holiday Apps that are worth a mention

The international holiday market is by far one of the worlds most profitable and popular industries as each year the people of the world look to leave their homes for many different locations around the world. As you would expect and like many other industries knowledge is what the consumer needs before purchasing the holiday of their dreams which would historically require them to visit their local holiday store and spend hours looking at holidays.

Although some people still like to do this in the modern era most people book their holidays online and this has seen a huge boom in the online sales of these companies. Now with technologies changing each day there has been an all new innovation which now makes it possible to scan through thousands of holidays which are on offer by using Iphone Holiday Apps as well as other mobile phone device apps. With this in mind there are now hundreds of these apps on offer to the user so knowing which one to choose can be tough. This is the reason we here at Experience Wave have done extensive reviewing of all the main players apps so that we could give you an honest opinion on which are the apps that offer the best service.

The Iphone Holiday App which tops our list is the Triplt Holiday App which offers the user the chance to use many extremely useful holiday based features for planning their holidays and then participating in the areas leisure activities. The app lets users search a huge database of holiday packages and short trip locations and then customize them for their own holiday requirements. The app is very easy to use and can be mastered within minutes by all levels of user and has a beautifully laid out interface which offers a simplistic array of functions to the user.

The next Iphone Holiday App we feel deserves to be on our list of top holiday apps is the all new and extremely popular Trip Advisor Holiday App which offers you not only the chance to book a wide variety of holidays but also a host of beneficial functions for when you arrive. The app allows the user to search for many additional features such as hotels, restaurants, excursions as well as many more. Each hotel or restaurant on the app has its own rating as well as the facility to read countless reviews from real people who have experienced the services on offer.

The next app we would like to discuss is the Priority Pass App which offers something different to its users which makes it so popular among travellers all over the world. The app has many great features such as the chance to view statistics on busy airports so you are no longer held up in departure lounges. The apps layout is extremely stylish and easy to get to grips with and after hours of reviewing the app we found it to be brilliant in every way possible. Follow our interactive debates here.

Finally the last app we thought should be on this list but by no means least is the Photosynth App which is basically an all new app which allows you to photo and edit all of your holiday images from the comfort of your Iphone. The app offers the chance to use a multitude of effects to enhance your holiday photos and then upload them to websites such as Facebook and Myspace. With social networking being so popular now this app is seen to be the perfect tool for your international visits as you can simply upload what you wish within minutes rather than waiting until you return from your holiday.

The Iphone Holiday Apps reviewed are some of the best we have ever used for this purpose and this is why we rate them so highly and hope you have the chance to do use them like we have.

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