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A Career In Law

A career in law is one of the most fulfilling and interesting jobs that you can do as it has numerous sub categories that offer the student a great choice in what they would wish to specialize in. You will find if you decide to choose law as a career that you will have a host of options available to you such as choosing to specialize in criminal law or civil law which each has variations within themselves giving you even more choice.

An example of the different types of law you could choose range from property law, legislative law to business law so there is a great variety to choose from. Learning law in itself is a tough task as there is so much to learn and in general in takes a long time to become qualified and after this you must still do a certain amount of post qualification training within any given law firm. It can take some students up to seven years to become a fully practicing lawyer or even longer depending on the student’s skills and learning capacity. The basic process of learning to be a lawyer consists of the student deciding which brand of law they wish to study and then setting about finding the right university for them. There are countless universities offering law courses across the United Kingdom and the USA with each of them having advantages over the other so ensuring you have chosen the right one is an essential part of the learning process. There are traditional routes such as signing up to a Law based course, as well as Law Scholarships that are available from some Universities around the world. One good example for American students is the Berkeley Law University, which is held in very high regard for anyone looking to further there career in American Law.

The next issue that they should observe is what course and qualification they wish to participate in as there are so many on offer each with their own advantages over the next. The general types of law qualification in the United Kingdom are the LLB law qualification and the LLM Courses as these are the most common degree courses that students opt for. When you have chosen the course and started it you will be first given a schedule of the curriculum you will be learning which comprises of the modules within the course. Each of these modules will be marked and scored once they are completed and handed in with the total being accrued towards the students overall score. As part of these modules in most cases you will find that you will be required to complete a large dissertation on any of the module topics which usually comprises of around ten thousand words with the score again going towards you overall score or mark. Students will then be required to sit a final exam at the university which must not be thought of as the final exam as once you have passed this you will then need to sit the national bar exam after the course has finished. One of the key benefits in learning law is that the successful student will have a huge amount of job opportunities available to them from a variety of sources and finding a job should never be a problem. Some very interesting resources can be located on The Law Society website for UK related data and on the American Bar Association website for USA related Law resources. There are other completely different types of courses such as the MSc Banking and Finance program at Bangor University that have become very popular with business professionals.

There are also many financial benefits of completing a law course as the wage structure can be quite impressive even to begin with and of course after a few years in the service you will find the salaries improving incredibly. Overall learning to become a lawyer is of course a time consuming and very hard process that requires dedication and skill so students should sit down and think hard about whether this is the career path they want. More information on available Postgraduate Law Degrees can be found here.

News Updated – November 2017 & September 2018

Office Rental Reviews

Exploring Office Rental Reviews.

In todays business world, locating the correct location is one of the main ingredients for large and medium sized businesses, with this in mind we have decided to Review the types of Office Rentals that are available.

For many years, large corporate organizations have flocked to City locations for there business locations, with places such as London, Birmingham, New York being some of the most popular preferred destinations for corporate Head Quarters. The options available for companies vary, from Serviced Offices, Managed Offices and Leased Office premises. The contractual obligations do vary, with some that are based on a short term agreement, however most appear to be on a yearly based contract, with discounts for two, three and four year rental and lease agreements.

Most of the types of Office Rental Agreements can be created and ended by mutual agreement, as well as via a court order, if there are contentious issues and or difficulties. The actual length of notice required for ending an office rental agreement can vary, dependent on the contractual agreement. Commercial lease agreements detail the rights and permissions of both the Business and also the provider of the premises, reviewing the small print in these agreements is crucial in ensuring businesses are aware of all of the terms and conditions that apply to them and there organization. There are thousands of examples of businesses being evicted by the office provider, when the terms and or the conditions have been broken or in some cases the notice period was set to several weeks. Moving location within this type of minimal notice period can cause businesses an array of problems, especially  when they have to continue to operate there business and or services, whilst attempting to keep there service levels for there clients.

An oral agreement for Office Rentals is not recommended for any type of business, we highly recommend any one looking to rent an office, prepare a well written rental agreement, to avoid any possible problems. Most Office Lease agreements due have provisions for renewing the lease at the end of the agreed term, this type of contractual clause is very useful for businesses, and we recommend this is always included in the agreement before signing.

Adding a break clause to the Office Rental Agreement is another great way to cover your businesses ever changing needs, a term of 2-3 months would be adequate and allow you to exit the agreement within the allocated time period specified.

We have added a map below of the main offices based in the United Kingdom, highlighting the popular locations.

Offices In The UK

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Working In Mayfair London




Working In Mayfair

Discussing working in Mayfair, London.

Career opportunities in the UK are varied from region to region, with most well paid employment contracts being found in and around London. The types of Office based careers within London also vary from Borough to Borough, we aim at openly discussing the most popular areas.

If you are looking to develop your career in Law or Business in general, then we recommend looking at areas such as Mayfair, Canary Wharf, Hammersmith and the City Docklands, as these areas are highly populated with Business orientated organisations. A typical Secretarial position is the most popular lower level position, that nearly all of the top organisations are constantly recruiting in and around London. In addition basic level Administrative work is another highly sought after position, of which allows individuals to work there way up the career ladder with ease. Of course as with all administrative positions and vacancies, the basic salary is significantly less than other positions, however as detailed, this does make it easy to gain employment quicker.

Other types of employment such as a Resource and Administration Clerk can offer an annual salary of £26,000 onwards, which is above average for a London salary of this nature. The general role for this type of position is Coordinating and Managing resources for Finance Departments and other finance related departments for organisations. The work is very similar to a basic office clerk, however as the job is twinned with the resources element, this ensures a higher yield of salary. We found that there are several recruitment companies operating in and around Mayfair, one such resource is the Reed Employment Agency – A well known and respected company offering a dedicated Jobs In Mayfair section on there website.

We took a look at some other positions in and around Mayfair, the more desirable location in London, and found some fantastic opportunities. A Human Resource assistant position for a well known Corporate company Is being advertised at a £35,000 Annual Salary rate. This is quite a contrast in annual salary as the same position in Southampton for the same organisation is being advertised at £22,000 per annum. The real difference being the living and commuting costs in and around London, of which add some £12,000 to the salary for this factor alone. Generally large organisations have there head offices based in London, with the more reputable and well known brand names, all wanting to be based in Mayfair for the prestige factor alone. This is due to the Brand Name being more visible and respected by the higher classes of the population, who also live in and around Mayfair. We also recommend looking at the property types in and around Mayfair, as this can assist in locating organisations of interest, who you may wish to contact to enquire directly for vacancies. For this we recommend resources such as The Office Providers – Who offer concise and accurate property details for the area, especially the Offices In Mayfair resource, which is very comprehensive. The direct website address is:

There are many other vacancy types for working in and around London and Mayfair such as:

Hotel Work – With one particular Hotel In Mayfair, that we highly recommend to anyone in the catering industry is

Marketing Executives

Construction Workers

Business Workers

Public Sector Workers

Educational Positions

Retail Executives and Managers

Information and Technology Positions

We also found over twenty other sectors, whereby vacancies existed for the Mayfair area, however we have listed the ones above, as they were by far the ones that are most popular. In addition other resources of interest for consideration, for potential professionals looking to start there career hunt are as follows:

1. Hays Recruitment –

2. City Jobs –

Updated – 5th May 2017


Employment Contracts

English Employment Contracts

In England the English Employment Contract is one that is made between an employer and an employee where by the employee would commit to complete a variety of work for the employer. There are two many sections of this type of contract which are when a service i.e work is completed for an employer for a wage and that of someone completing work for a given fee which is regarded in a different category than a wage. Under the 1996 Employment Rights Act an employee is defined by anyone who is within a contract of service to any given employer. When an employee begins work in the United Kingdom they are generally given a contract of employment which in many cases has a three month probationary period encased within it. Once an employee has this contract they will then be protected by many different aspects of the law from issues such as unfair dismissal and harassment in the work place to name a few.

These contracts are put in place to protect both the employer and the employee from many different situations and both parties must keep to the rules of their contract during the duration of the employment of the person in question. Any breach of these terms can lead to many different types of court case where a breach of contract has been caused. An example of this would be if an employee had been in a position within a company for several years and then was sacked unfairly for an offence that they had not committed. The employee would then be able to start proceedings against their former employer for unfair dismissal as long as they have the evidence to support their claim. It would then be up to a tribunal to decide if in fact they have been dismissed unfairly and if so the former employee would be entitled to a varying amount of compensation for mental stress and in many cases loss of earnings. Another great example of this type of dispute would be if some one had been sexually or mentally abused in regards of bullying within a work place as this again is an issue that should not take place in work. Please review the Discrimation Resource on the Citizens Advice Website.

This type of offence can cause great distress to the plaintiff and have a huge impact on their lives where they are unable to work or function properly in their every day lives. In cases like this it would be quite normal for the case to be taken before a tribunal and then compensation being given to the injured party if all the facts presented confirmed their claims. Each year we now see more and more claims of this type going before tribunals than ever before as for years before this facility was available to them the plaintiff would have found it very difficult to claim against their employers and would have had to suck it up and move to another job. Factors like this that happen at work can be very distressing for those involved and can command great amounts of compensation as it has the affect of causing great disruption to the person’s lives. Not only will they be unemployed for a certain period of time but also have to deal with the mental stress of returning to the same type of working environment which can bring it all back within minutes. A recommended Resource that is free of charge to use in the UK is the Official Citizens Advice Website, they have a dedicated section to Work Advice, in addition the London Skills and Employment Board offer additional employment related resource of interest.

This is why large sums are dealt out to people who have suffered a great deal and are unable to return to the work they are trained for which will then require then to complete additional training in another profession. This of course will have a large amount of cost entailed within it as well as the time involved with doing so and this is why this type of case can command such a high amount of compensation.

Other reputable News resources can be found on The Guardian Employment Law section as well as the ACAS Contracts Of Employment resource.

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